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A masterpiece of Anglo-Norman architecture, Lincoln Cathedral was started in 1088 and is one of the most visited cathedrals in England. Its triple-aisled interior is impressive for the length and size of its two transepts, and for the contrasting colors of its honey-colored limestone and dark Purbeck marble. Also of note is the round window known as the Eye of the Deacon, with its medieval stained glass, as well as the Eye of the Bishop, with pieces of glass from different periods. A wrought-iron gate leads to St. Hugh's Choir, one of the best examples of Early-Gothic architecture in England. Another unique feature is the Lincoln Imp. According to legend, the imp so annoyed the angels in the choir it was turned to stone. The cathedral's imposing twin-towered west front is a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles, with its central frieze-like sculpture depicting scenes from the Old Testament including Noah's Ark, Daniel in the Lion's Den, as well as dragons. (Guided tours are available.)

Thrown together across an epic European road trip during the summer of 2007 Dom Ashton, Andy Nelson and Ross Flight discovered their shared love for music, laptops and famous actresses. :kinema: have developed their sound over the last 18 months, combining elements of Yacht Rock, Soul and Contemporary Pop and Dance music into something sounding like Off The Wall-era Michael Jackson being re-imagined by a 21st Century Indie band.

Kinema - CirclesKinema - CirclesKinema - CirclesKinema - Circles