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A well-trained scout is a ready scout. Being prepared for situations in which first aid training is required is a sign of a good boy scout. Whether in the wilderness outdoors or a large city, situations will come up where a first aid kit accompanied with thorough training may make the difference between life and death. Safety is a major training portion of the Boy Scouts and that includes recovery as well as prevention.

– Plasters: Nexcare plasters by 3M are the best I’ve used. They are made of quality materials, hypoallergenic and have a healthcare-industry grade adhesive. They stay on for longer (particularly when used in combination with Friar’s Balsam – see 14), and I achieve better protection of cuts, grazes and minor burns than with cheap plasters. I also use far fewer of them than cheap plasters. This frees up space in my first aid kit.

TP-82s were carried regularly on Soviet and Russian space missions from 1986 to 2006. They were part of the Soyuz Portable Emergency-Survival Kit (Носимый аварийный запас, Nosimyi Avariynyi Zapas , NAZ). In 2007, [2] the media reported that the remaining ammunition for the TP-82 had become unusable and that a regular semi-automatic pistol would be used on future missions.

First Aid Kit - WolfFirst Aid Kit - WolfFirst Aid Kit - WolfFirst Aid Kit - Wolf